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Knoxville, TN



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Drive-Rite Driving School
218 South Peters Road Suite 200
Knoxville, TN 37923

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Drive-Rite Driving School

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BW says:
Drive-Rite Driving School lists itself as a school, and as a class. Their website currently states that they are "a full service driving school, with all types of instruction." This "school" does not offer any instructor led classroom teaching at all. I enrolled my son in driver's ed at Drive-Rite Driving School, and was told there was 30 hours of classroom time, and 6 hours of drive time. It was never mentioned that all of the 30 hours of class time were spent with the student searching through a study guide alone, not in instruction, and I was recently told there are also 5 or 6 videos they watch. I had enrolled my son, and called to inquire on what days and times were available for instructor led class time, and was told that there were none, that they do not teach in class that way. They shared that students just go through a book, find the answers, and handwrite the question verbatim, and the exact answer from the book. This, along with the videos are what the 30 hours consists of entirely. It's basically a study hall. A student could do this at home on their own. I was told this was a class, and to have no teacher teaching at all, is not okay. We attended the orientation (this was not said), and my son came one other day. He told me there is no teacher teaching, and I called in so we could be sure to come on the days for teaching, not during the study hall hours, where they hunt and find answers and copy them down alone. It doesn't exist. I let them know this was misleading, and that I would like a refund for the unused hours. The total cost was $389. I asked for a call back, and was told that she did not know if anyone would call me back, but told me I could come in. I did come in and talked with an instructor that agreed with me that there needed to be changes to the program, but Craig would need to make the decision on the refund. I was told he would call me (in earlier Dec.). I have called back and left messages, with no replies at all.